Saturday 26th August 2017 – One of those weeks

Alfie being determined

Wilma and our Mistress are both feeling a bit down. They were very excited about going to see Megan and now they can’t go. They would have been setting off today, but unfortunately our Master can’t go away now so they will be at home thinking about Megan instead. At least I don’t feel quite so bad about being left out now, but I didn’t really wish that they wouldn’t be able to go either. I was looking forward to them bringing back some pictures of Megan for me to see how she is. Ah well.

Oddly, Shadow is even more bouncy than normal.  Even checked the calendar to make sure it wasn’t spring and it really isn’t. She is certainly full of the joys of something, even though she’s starting to go quite grey around her muzzle. I have to say, that I never imagined my mum could look so distinguished, but she’s kept the trim figure she worked so hard to achieve and if she stays still long enough she does look rather dignified. It’s just that at the moment she is not staying still very much at all, but seems to spend half her life with all four paws off the ground as she bounces from place to place Tigger style. I don’t actually know where she gets her energy from. Even walking from place to place her tail doesn’t stop wagging. Now I’m a happy dog, but there are limits. I prefer to keep being happy under at least some degree of control, but I’ll swear that Shadow has been at the happy roots in the garden. I’m just not sure which plant I should be trying if I want to emulate her behaviour. There are some odd mushrooms growing in the grass, but I really don’t think I should be trying any of those.

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