Sunday 27th August 2017 – Wilma’s Staycation

It’s going to be me, Wilma writing for the next week. We were supposed to be on holiday but everything went a bit wrong so we had to cancel. It’s really sad as it means we won’t get to see Megan on Tuesday. Mum is very disappointed but she is not one to dwell on the bad bits so we’re going to do other things instead. We actually live in a lovely part of the country and when Mum looked to see what the weather was going to be like in different parts of England she decided that staying at home might just be the best thing. We’re not going to stay in the whole time though, we’re going to pretend to be tourists and do lots of things in North Yorkshire that we would do if we came here on holiday.

Me and Dad

Yesterday was just a quiet day while all the plans were put in place and sadly not all of the plans include me and Shadow but most of them do. Mum and Dad went out for coffee and ice cream yesterday afternoon which did not include us, but we did have two lovely walks including an nice extra long one in the afternoon. Mum wasn’t actually best pleased with me as before we went out she made us both have a shower as we’d got a bit smelly and you know how humans object. Anyway, I tried to get the smell back by running into some mud while we were out on the walk and then on the way back through the village I ran into the village pond. I’m the first one of us to go in the pond and from my point of view I thought it was great, but I don’t think Mum was quite so impressed and I don’t know what the dogs thought.

Today we’re going into York and I think there might be more ice cream involved and hopefully these ones won’t exclude us!

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