Tuesday 29th August 2017 – Day 3 of Wilma’s Staycation

We had a great time yesterday. We went to a big forest in the middle of the North York Moors. We had to go through some lovely villages to get there and Mum said it was just like being on a real holiday. When we were on our walk, she told me to imagine we were in the Black Forest, which is where we were going to be this week. There was a big hill and lots of trees, so it wasn’t hard to pretend. Shadow was pretty tired by the time we’d finished walking, but I could have carried on. I don’t know exactly how far we walked because Mum forgot to start the counter until we’d already done some of the walk but I think it was about 5 miles altogether.

The only part of my day which was disappointing was that I did not get an ice cream. Now, if I’m being honest, that was my own fault. Mum told me I needed to behave if I wanted to stand in the queue and, well, you know what it’s like when everything gets too exciting and just have to bark to tell everyone how happy you are. Mum did warn me that if I carried on barking we were going to walk straight past the ice cream kiosk. I didn’t believe her until I had to watch it receding into the distance behind me. Then Shadow got cross with me for spoiling her chance of an ice cream too but life was too exciting to feel down about it for long. We saw so many dogs. Most of them were really friendly and I loved saying hello. There was a Pomeranian who really wasn’t very nice at all, but to be honest it was too small to be of any significance. Shadow took a dislike to a Labrador we saw for no reason that I could so and she got told off for that. I was just my normal happy-go-lucky self and skipped almost the whole way around the walk.

Today is Mum’s birthday and I have to take special care of her. It was today we were going to see Megan and she still feels a bit sad that we can’t see her. I’m going to make a fuss of her instead to cheer her up.

Happy Tuesday


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my “Mum”. We all send best wishes but especially me. Hope you all have a lovely day. Love Dickens XXXX and my family X

    • Oh Dickens, that’s lovely. She went all soppy when I told her what you’d said.
      Have a great day
      Wilma x

  2. Happy Birthday to your mum, Wilma – I hope she has a lovely day! Hugs from me, and from our nanny-cat, Niamh xxx

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