Sunday 3rd September 2017 – Mum’s favourite tree

We didn’t go to the beach yesterday. We all decided we’d spent enough time in the car this week and staying local would be preferable by far. Besides which, there are some lovely walks around where we live and I needed to go to check out what was happening in my own back yard. We hadn’t walked around Tholthorpe Moors in a while and as that is the location of Mum’s favourite tree we thought we’d call by and say hello. It was rather warmer out than we’d realised and we were all pleased to get back and get a drink. I’m pleased to say that all our checking revealed we had not missed out on anything too exciting whilst walking in different places, but I do still need to get back to our usual route to be absolutely certain.

One of Mum’s birthday presents was the most amazing picture of Alfie. She says I have to wait until it’s up on the wall to be able to bring you a photograph as it won’t look it’s best until it’s up. Putting it up is going to involve a ladder so it may take a little while! There is another picture coming too, but she won’t tell us what that is. I do know it’s not of me as she already has one of me so I’m guessing it’s one of the others. She was surprised it didn’t come at the same time, but despite being sent at the same time and coming from the same company they seem to have sent it with a different courier so who knows when it will get here?

We’re off to a fun day today but it’s not a doggy one and apparently I’m not allowed to go on the bouncy castle so I’m guessing it’s not going to be that much fun. I suppose I could hang around the bar b q and see what I can find.

Happy Sunday

Love Wilma

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