Tuesday 5th September 2017 – Flattered

Well I am home and I have to say I’m rather flattered. The picture that our Mistress had for her birthday was one of me. I don’t think I look too bad for my age in this one, what do you think? She also had a cushion which was rather appropriate as well.

I’ve had a difficult time with Aristotle in kennels. He kept insisting on chewing my bed when he got bored. It’s my favourite bed and I’ve had it for eleven and a half years, but he’s almost reduced it to non-existence. Our Mistress did try one repair on it a couple of weeks ago but she says she will have to do a more thorough job now as there isn’t all that much of the original bed left. Our Mistress stopped sending him with his own usual bed as he kept destroying it, now he has to sleep on a plastic bed with some vet bed in it. Instead he seems to think that destroying mine is ok. Our Mistress says the only solution is for me to have a hard bed and vet bed when I have to stay in kennels with him, but that really doesn’t seem very fair. I’ve never destroyed a bed in my life and now it feels as though I’m being punished too.

I didn’t settle well when I came home yesterday. Shadow told me that our Mistress had asked her to give up her room for me, but although I was grateful I didn’t really settle and said perhaps she should have it back. I didn’t settle anywhere to be fair. Our Mistress is hoping that after a good swim today I will start to feel a bit better and maybe stop whining. We shall see!

Have a good day


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  1. Welcome back Alfie. I have missed you. Lovely picture of you. You are a handsome boy. Hope you feel more settled after your swim today. xxxxx

    • Aww, thank you. I’m in a better mood this morning as justice has been done. Aristotle has spent the night being sick from eating the foam in my bed. Funnily enough our Mistress is less pleased than I am!
      Have a great day

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