Sunday 10th September 2017 – I’m not a teenager but…

I’m in trouble. I know that is not unusual, but I can’t help being a fun loving kind of guy. Apparently, I’m now supposed to be mature and sensible, but quite honestly I rather prefer immature and irresponsible. I’m over the foam eating incident so back to looking for new sources of trouble. Because Wilma tends to jump everywhere and rarely has more than one paw on the ground, our Mistress has had no choice but to keep her confined to her crate for her recovery. If it were me then I would not be unduly troubled by that, because I quite like spending the day lazing in bed, but that’s not Wilma’s style. To be fair most of the time she is accepting the situation stoically and is being very patient. That is until I creep up on her and tap on her crate and run round her in circles knowing she can’t get to me. Oh it’s fun… for me anyway. Wilma is getting more and more frustrated and our Mistress is getting more and more cross. I may have to lay off for a while before I get any real punishment imposed on me. So far all I have had is the whole ‘How would you feel if it were the other way around?’ lecture. But the whole point is that it’s not the other way around, so where I’m sitting it’s fun! I may have had the whole ‘You’re going to be six years old in another few days,’ lecture as well, but I’ve heard them both before.

Shadow’s original human is coming to stay from Monday and she now has a dilemma. She doesn’t know whose room she wants to sleep in. She’s got used to sleeping where she does with Andrew but she thinks it might be quite nice to spend some time with James too. We’ll all be very pleased to see him, but it will be a very special for Shadow to see a bit more of him.

Anyway, I’m going to practice being cute and cuddly so that when our Mistress and Master come back from walking with alpacas later they remember that the role of family pet is already taken.

Happy Sunday


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