Monday 11th September 2017 – Should I be worried?

Just because I’m stuck here in this crate recovering should not mean that it’s ok for our Mistress to be unfaithful to us. Yesterday she went walking with alpacas and she came home absolutely smitten. It was ‘Pasha did this’ and ‘I told Pasha that’. Pasha was the alpaca she was walking with, while our Master befriended Ness. More worrying was the fact that she had been asking how we might all get on together and how many acres they needed to be happy. She says she only has eyes for us and won’t be adding any alpacas to the family, but I can see it’s a close run thing. I think we all need to step up our game and make sure we spend a lot of time making puppy dog eyes at her so she remembers how wonderful we are.

I can’t wait to get out of confinement. I’m really not a dog to rest all the time. It has certainly made me think carefully about not overdoing things and getting any injuries as whilst a week of confinement is one thing, I really don’t think I could cope with six or eight weeks. I’d go mad. I’ve got greater respect for my friends who have had to do that to let injuries fully heal. Mum has promised that I can stop being in the crate on Wednesday and if I want I can sleep on the bed with her all night to make up for the time I’ve missed. It’s a kind offer, but what I really want to do is run round the garden like a wild thing and eat the rest of the crab apples off the tree at the bottom of the garden whilst they are still there. Ok, remembering the alpacas, I will give her lots of cuddles as she obviously needs them more than I do.

Have a great week


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