Thursday 14th September 2017 – Windy weather

Well all I can say is it’s a good job we don’t live in a hurricane area! It was bad enough waking up yesterday to the problems caused by storm Aileen or whatever she was called. Our Mistress took some convincing that none of us had been responsible for knocking all four of her beautifully planted up containers off the wall and smashing them to smithereens. Of course, given she could hear the wind as well as we could, she knew it wasn’t really us that had done it. I tried to cheer her up by saying ‘At least the roof is still on the house,’ but apparently that did not make her feel any better. I tried ‘Ah well, we were coming to the end of the year anyway’ and that just left her more depressed.

On a brighter note, at least I was feeling well enough to go out and survey the scene and not as bad as I had been the day before. Wilma was so happy to be going out for walks again. She had a lovely day and no amount of broken plant pots was going to spoil that.

To cheer herself up, our Mistress spent some time wistfully looking at the pictures of ‘her’ alpaca and reading about how to look after them. At that point I saw it as my duty to try to cheer her up in case she decided in a moment of weakness to add to the family. I redirected her to the idea of shopping for an alpaca wool jumper, or at least window shopping. The main problem was that after she’d looked at the prices she was back to thinking owning her own herd might be a better idea! Thank goodness we’ve got our Master to veto her wilder excesses.


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