Sunday 17th September 2017 – Probably for the best

The picture of Shadow – still not on the wall!

Shadow did not go to the dog show yesterday. Of course, she grumbled all day saying she could have won. Sadly, it does mean she won’t be going to Crufts next year as she won’t have qualified, but given she is going to be nine years old in February she probably wouldn’t want the hassle of it all anyway. As she says, ‘You get to an age where having to be nice to people all the time is a little tedious.’ Wilma on the other paw is much happier to meet new people and simply loves everyone, so is more than happy to be on the Discover Dogs stand, especially as it means lots of one to one time with our Mistress. Shadow did say she would have liked the chance to win some more shiny rosettes and I think our Mistress might just try to buy her a nice ribbon anyway, although obviously that’s not the same as winning one.

I helped our Mistress plant some more of her herb plants yesterday. She’s grown them from seed so they are still quite small and vulnerable. The ones that have not been dug up by the birds and squirrels are going to spend the winter in the carrot troughs where they can be easily protected from the frost until they’re bigger. Obviously we’re eating the carrots first! By the time the next carrots need planting the herbs will have been planted out in the new border that’s being dug for them and won’t need to be covered by a fleece anymore. I’m not sure how cold our Mistress thinks this winter is going to be, but she says you can never be too careful. The worst part of the winter is spending less time out in the garden doing things together. I do like it when we’re out there pottering together. They are some of my favourite times.

Happy Sunday


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  1. I hope your mistress is feeling better, Aristotle. Lovely picture of Shadow. Any chance of seeing some piccies of you. Not leaving Wilma out but saw a few of hers from her latest trip. Happy Sunday to you all. xxx

    • Oh that’s lovely, thank you. I’m sure I can persuade someone to take my photo. If the sun comes out perhaps I could have a whole outdoor photo shoot of my very own.
      Have fun

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