Monday 18th September 2017 – Out and About Again

Well at last I’m being allowed some freedom again. Oh, it’s been hard and I do know it was for my own good, but I’m not a resting sort of a dog. I’m more of a jump everywhere sort of dog, which I’m happy to say I’m now starting to do once again. What is disconcerting is that I seem to be losing a lot of my coat. Shadow has been very sweet and reassuring and told me the same happened to her when she was spayed, but then it came back even thicker and shinier than ever. Although, she did alarm me by saying that some bits of her went so bald she even went to the vet to ask if it was anything to worry about. I don’t think I want to go bald. At least happily I can now go out and about with Mum and should be fit enough to see lots of my friends next weekend. It’s going to be one exciting weekend as not only do I have a Fun Day to go to on Saturday but I’m meeting one of my best friends on Sunday for another walk and he’s introducing me to another of his friends, so we should all have fun.

Mum says the only upside of this time of year is that she can start to leave us in the car sometimes when she goes out, which means we can go along more often. Even if it’s just an outing to the local shop she would never take us in the summer as it would be too hot for any length of time. Once it’s properly cool with no chance of being too hot then it actually works in our favour as if there is less driving home to pick us up then there is more time for walking and that has to be good news… for me at least. Shadow and Ari have both said they are happy not to have any more exercise than they get now, but I just love being outdoors so I’ve stuck my paw up for the extra. I think by January it will be best though as that’s when Mum will start planning her next novel so she will need more outdoor thinking time and I’ll get to help with the plot.

Well I’m off to spend the day jumping so I’ll see you soon



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