Thursday 21st September 2017 – Not so much fun

Once again Wilma is fed up that her plans have changed at the last minute. She was so looking forward to seeing all her friends at Fun Day on Saturday, but instead will be spending the weekend playing nurse maid to our Mistress who has a chest infection and is not very well. She will miss her friends, but if she’s being strictly honest she rather likes cuddling up with our Mistress. Take the other night for example, I was being a good boy at bedtime, as usual. When our Mistress said ‘Bed you two,’ I did as asked and went and got into my own bed, though I got out two minutes later. Wilma on the other paw made a beeline for our Master’s side of the bed and jumped in. She snuggled right down under the duvet and put her head on his pillow. Our Mistress couldn’t help but laugh at her and take a photograph before rephrasing her instruction to make it abundantly clear that she had in fact meant we should go to our own beds. She certainly never misses an opportunity and does it in such a cute way that she rarely gets told off for it.

I did say to Wilma that maybe we could have our own little Fun Day in the back garden and if it’s sunny we could set a chair up for our Mistress in the sun where she can doze quietly while we have a wander round. She was grateful for the thought, but said she’d really been looking forward to seeing her half-brother Salvo and her friend Koppa. I suppose it’s not the same playing with me as with boys more her own age. Maybe our Mistress could arrange a play date with one of her friends soon to cheer her up.


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