Friday 22nd September 2017 – Wilma’s Friday Flashback

Oh this is funny from two years ago:


According to our Mistress this is positively the worst time of year for Shadow to have puppies and to be fair I can see her point. We are all sleeping in the utility; Shadow, our Mistress, me and the entire spider population. It seems to be the place they gravitate to on their march in search for warmth. They come in through the back door and head for the nearest staging post. Our Mistress does not like spiders. She is also very short sighted and there is nothing freaks her out more than when she has taken her glasses off at night and then she sees a black blob moving. So far she has chalked up five kills in three days and she doesn’t expect today will be any different. I tried scaring her by saying the relatives of the ones she has killed will all come and get her in the night, but she didn’t appreciate my humour.

Ha and this from four years ago shows you Alfie’s true approach to life.


Our Mistress has someone helping doing some gardening yesterday. It meant when we went outside we went one at a time so we didn’t bowl the poor chap over. It was interesting to observe our different reactions. Ari went first. He barked a lot and kept bounding over to him. Basically he was saying I’m friendly but don’t even think of crossing me. Megan barked and backed off. She was saying, I’m not really sure about you, I want to keep you where I can see you, but I’m told you’re ok so I’ll give you a chance. Shadow didn’t bother with much barking, she woofed a little so he knew she could be fierce and then let him give her a bit of a pat and a stroke. They didn’t completely make friends but they did at least get to the acquaintance stage. I on the other paw took a radically different approach. I didn’t bark. I didn’t go up to him. I just went out nonchalantly and cocked my leg over his bag of grass clipping. Just saying!

That’s always been Alfie’s way. If he doesn’t like something he pees on it. That has applied over the years, according to our Mistress, to everything from mole hills to humans whose dogs he’s not keen on. I suppose there are worse things he could do.


Have a happy weekend


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  1. Hi Wilma, Hope you Mum is feeling better. Send our love. We will miss you at the fun day but hope we will see you another day soon.
    Lots of love from us all Dickens XXXXXX

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