Sunday 24th September 2017 – Wouldn’t you just know it?

Nurse Wilma

While Wilma spent her day playing nurse dog to our Mistress, there were more dogs at Fun Day than there have ever been before. Given that at least two who planned to go missed it because of their seasons and Shadow and Wilma weren’t there either it could have been a very big day! It sounds like they all had great fun with lots of family reunions as well as some meeting for the first time. On top of that they also managed to raise quite a bit towards the Heidi Rescue Fund, which is very good news. Five of my brothers and sisters were there, so Shadow was especially disappointed not to have been there to check on them, but then a number of Wilma’s brothers and sisters were there too. Maybe next year they can have even more of them together and this time the girls will get to go.

As you can imagine, everything was a bit quiet at this end by comparison. No one really moved very far or did anything very exciting at all. Wilma always has the spot closest to our Mistress, and is in theory the one who is supposed to look after her. In practice, she just provides extra body warmth and the odd lick now and then. Mysteriously at one point when she was absent from her position she could be found outside eating the leaves from the parsnips that our Mistress had pulled out a few days ago for eating. Funnily enough Wilma is also the one who can be found down the garden eating some odd green fruit that our Mistress has concluded are gages from a tree which has not fruited before while we’ve lived here. If Wilma runs out she has also been caught taking apples off the lower branches of the apple tree. Mind you, as I used to do that I don’t suppose I can say much.

Have a great Sunday


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  1. Hi Ari, I had a great time at the fun day. I am not a party animal but I enjoyed seeing all the Entlebuchers. Would you believe it I won “Alfie says” ! I was also a bit naughty. When my Mum was not looking I ran and stole some delicious cake from a plate. It was left unattended so what is a dog to do but “tidy” up!!! I have been instructed to apologise to the owner via the diary. I must add that I slept like a log all night and have not suffered in any way, so it was worth it!! We missed you all and hope you are feeling better. Love Dickens XXXXXX

    • Cake stealing! Go bro!
      I’m sure your apology will be accepted, but honestly amongst us dogs things like that are to be respected not apologised for.
      It’s lovely that you play ‘Alfie Says’ even when Alfie can’t actually be there.

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