Wednesday 27th September 2017 – Feeling Broody

It’s not me feeling broody you understand, it’s our Mistress. Yesterday was Shadow’s last litter’s second birthday. It made our Mistress start thinking about how she misses having litters of puppies. It’s going to be a few years before she can bring up another litter of puppies so she is just going to have to make do with us. Shadow said she’s glad she won’t have to deal with any more. It was too much like hard work as far as she was concerned and she much prefers her own company. She was quite ready to pass the responsibility for breeding on to the next generation. What is sad is that so far none of her daughters have had puppies of their own. Hopefully that will change before she’s too old to give them advice.

Interestingly, today is the seventh birthday of the first litter born in the UK after we set up our breed Club. It is amazing to think that in that time our numbers have grown from about eleven or twelve of the breed to the ninety-three there are today. Hopefully we’ll get to number 100 next year. There is at least one arriving in January and maybe to, so we aren’t that far off.

Things are still pretty quiet around here, particularly with our Mistress having lost her voice into the bargain now. It’s just a good job we know some hand signals as well as verbal commands. Of course, we could just pretend we all didn’t hear and ignore her altogether. I don’t think that would stop us getting into trouble though, so maybe we’ll show willing. What dog wants to find their extra biscuit ration being cut for misbehaviour? Mind you, I don’t think Wilma would be as badly affected as she keeps finding things in the garden that are edible. She hasn’t really done any damage, but she does help herself to the fruit and veg without asking first.

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