Saturday 30th September 2017 – Sleepless Nights

For the record - I found some sunshine!

Wilma is very tired. It’s really funny to watch her. She is going around the house yawning and it’s all our Mistress’s fault. Mind you, our Mistress is going around the house yawning as well. As you know, our Mistress has not been well and that has left her with a cough that was really bad for a couple of nights. Wilma insists on sleeping with our Mistress no matter what, but that has meant as our Mistress has been sleeping somewhere away from everyone else, that she has been keeping Wilma and only Wilma awake. Most breeds of dog would take themselves off on their own somewhere to catch up during the day or even at night time. We just aren’t like that. Our breed will do almost anything to be close to our human and as a result Wilma is looking tired. Thankfully our Mistress is now improving and the two of them don’t look quite as bad as they did. Bad, but not so bad! Our Mistress is a little jealous that we don’t get obvious black bags under our eyes, she on the other paw…

One thing the whole problem did make me think was that Wilma ought to be more understanding of me being tired when our Mistress puts the washing machine on at night, which is in my room. It isn’t the main wash cycle that’s the problem, I find that quite therapeutic, it’s the beeping and flashing red lights once it’s finished. I think I need to ask our Mistress if she can be more thoughtful about it.

Anyway, yesterday being a very wet day, Wilma took up residence on her favourite chair and said until she could get a decent sleep she would not be going anywhere for anyone. She did cheer up when the sun came out.

Have a happy Saturday, it’s going to be a dozy one here


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