Sunday 1st October 2017 – One happy dog

This is the sight of a happy dog! Wilms is so happy to be back out walking with our Mistress that she positively skipped all the way. To be fair she had to keep skipping back again as our Mistress couldn’t keep up, but Wilma wasn’t complaining. The sun was shining and she was having a lovely time.

On the downside of life starting to return to normal in our household, Wilma was rather less impressed when our Mistress went out for coffee and cake with our Master and didn’t take her with them. Wilma has so enjoyed the fact that our Mistress hasn’t been able to go out and they have been together 24 hours a day that she cried yesterday. Our Mistress had to have a stern word with her and explain that she would just have to remember that our Mistress would always come back to her. Wilma pouted and said she’d prefer to go out with them too, but I don’t think she’s going to get her own way on everything! It’s a shame in England that more coffee shops don’t allow dogs to go in and then it would be much easier. Although I’m guessing if our Mistress tried to turn up with all four of us it could get a bit difficult!

It has been quite funny listening to our Mistress trying to use translation software to read websites about our breed in different countries. Translation software seems to be good to a point but can then mangle something completely. I’m guessing it’s been more set up to deal with human things than dogs. On one site it translated Great Swiss Mountain Dog as ‘Grandchildren sheepdog’. I’m not sure how they would deal the names of their ancestors on that basis – maybe Great Grandma Sheepdog and Great Grandpa Sheepdog would know.

Happy Sunday


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