Tuesday 3rd October 2017 – Kind of weird around here

Me and Wilma sleeping with our teddy bears close at paw

Wilma and Aristotle have gone to kennels for a few days in the hope with a bit more of a break our Mistress will get better a little faster. Now it’s odd. I really don’t remember the last time it was only me and Shadow around. What makes it odd is that we are both now quite old dogs so don’t really want to play or bother with anything much like that together, but do find each other’s company quite companionable.

I have to say, I do miss the liveliness of having Wilma around. I know our Mistress misses her dreadfully when she’s not here as they normally spend all their time together. Even when our Mistress resorts to going to bed, Wilma is there curled up neatly by her side. I used to do that, but I find jumping up to the bed is all a big much and I’m too bulky to nestle in inconspicuously. I just can’t curl up quite like that anymore. I do sort of miss Aristotle, but in the sense you do when you’ve had a sore patch of skin and got used to rubbing and licking it. You know? It’s just that he’s always there to annoy me and when he’s not, it feels as though he ought to be.

I don’t know how long it will just be me and Shadow, hopefully only a few days. I need to make the most of being close to our Mistress in the meantime with no one to get in the way. Although she did say something about if I was expecting to do a lot of cuddling I might need to go in the shower first. Honestly, I don’t know what she means! I can only hope in return she’ll cut down on the coughing so a poor old boy can get some rest.

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