Friday 6th October 2017 – Wilma’s Friday Flashback

Me feeling old

This isn’t technically Wilma here. I know it’s not fair at my age, but I’m having to work extra days as she’s in kennels. Anyway, it does give me chance to look back through my own archive to see what happened longer ago than I now tend to remember.

This one goes back to when I was little more than a puppy and living in Belgium:


Today is officially stitch removal day. I am thinking of going into hiding to try and avoid it and had wondered about trying to do it myself. Unfortunately my mistress has put the little gadget they gave her to remove the stitches in her purse so unless I just yank them or try and use scissors I guess I am stuck.

My mistress has at last decided to defrost and eat the frozen together block of steaks. She was trying to make sure there was enough time to eat them all before they went off. I was like the donkey in Shrek ‘ Pick me, pick me.’ Or more to the point ‘I’ll help eat them, I’ll help eat them’ as I bounced up and down. I am not sure if my appeals have fallen on deaf ears or whether I might just get included.

Whilst my master was away last week there was an unmistakeable rustling sound coming from the mainly empty log basket. My mistress, by her own admission, is a coward. She started to imagine all sorts of things inside, moving around in the bits of wood or maybe eating the wood. She wouldn’t move the basket in case something horrible came out. She told my master when he came home and he immediately moved the basket. My mistress was quite ready to run away in case something came running out. What do you think he found? Nothing. Absolutely nothing! Just some bits of wood. She doesn’t even want to be there when they light the first fire of the winter in case there are any creepy crawlys in the fire place that come rushing out.

Oh but then I found this from the year Aristotle was born


Another day and we are still worrying about the puppies weight gain. Or at least we were until we put them on the scales this morning to find that the smallest increase was 40g and the largest was Alan who put on a massive 120g. It’s Alan and Amigo (110g), they keep crying for more food as does Arnold to be fair. Shadow is doing a fantastic job and as you can see from today’s video she even got back in to give a second feed only 45 mins after they’d finished the last one because Amigo shouted out that he and his buddy were still hungry. You can see them here.

Yesterday they wanted to eat Shadow’s food, but they are only two and a half weeks old so my Mistress is going to ask the vet today if there is any reason they shouldn’t have some. She made some up yesterday, all mushed up with hot water and they were in it like a shot and then afterwards slept for two and a half hours before being ready for the next feed. We’ve tried giving them extra as formula milk from a bottle or from a saucer, but they just aren’t interested. They aren’t supposed to be ready for mushed up puppy food for another week.

We have accidentally done something right. We would like to thank the makers of the vet-bed we are using for making it too short for our whelping box. It means there is a strip of newspaper down the side and that is meaning that even at this tender age the puppies are choosing to be clean in their sleeping area and when they actually have any say about where they pee they are going on the newspaper. They are starting their own house training. These puppies may be small but in some ways they are way ahead of the game.


Have a great Friday


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  1. Love reading your diary entries Alfie always have. Love the photo of you, looking good and still a handsome boy. Have a lovely day. xxxxxxx

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