Saturday 7th October 2017 – Dipping my paw in my pocket


Today’s the day. The Walk for Heidi gets underway. Between now and 25th October 20 of our breed will be turning out to walk legs of a 552 mile walk to represent the distance from Entlebuch in Switzerland to the Swiss Embassy in London. Over the weekend, dogs will be starting major legs of the walk in York, Bedford, London, Berkshire and Bristol. Then walks will continue from now until five of the intrepid walkers go to London to walk a final leg around Regent’s Park and on the Swiss Embassy.

Why are they doing this? They are doing it all for Heidi. Heidi is Shadow’s granddaughter and has been ill since being born with Ectopic Ureter. She’s got her grandmother’s grit and is doing her best in the face of great difficulty to live a normal life. However, she needs treatment and we want to help pay for it. You can all help by going to our Just Giving Page HERE. The walk is aiming to raise at least £2000 of what we need. When I looked yesterday it was £357 online and another £280 of offline donations, so £637 so far. I’ve put my paw in my pocket to sponsor them £0.10 a mile. You don’t need to go that far, but even a penny a mile would be worth it to Heidi. A penny a mile would mean giving just £5.52 out of your bone money. That’s just a couple of packs of dog biscuits and we can all do without those I’m sure.

Now here’s the thing. I’m willing to go out and walk. I’m nearly twelve and don’t tend to go out on walks these days for a number of reasons. However, if you will all sponsor me I will get my Master and Mistress to take me out to walk a leg of the walk for Heidi. I’m looking for at least £10 here. When you sponsor, if you make it at least £10 and put in the comments that it’s to get Alfie to walk then I will go out to walk for Heidi and bring you the photographs.

We’ll bring you updates of how far along the whole walk the team have got over the next couple of weeks. Let’s see if we can all work to make Heidi well.


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