Tuesday 10th October 2017 – Normal is the new Strange

I know that normal means there are four of us dogs who live here, but having had so much time with one or other of us in kennels for the last couple of weeks, it all seems very odd. To be honest, I’m happier to be an only dog or no more than one of two. Being one of four is very wearing on the nerves of an old dog. Shadow has been a right pain for reasons

Aristotle setting off on his Walk for Heidi

known only to herself, which hasn’t helped matters. She spend most of yesterday singing and that wasn’t as nice as you might imagine. Wilma and our Mistress are inseparable. Both are promising never to leave the other’s side ever again. I’m a bit jealous if I’m being honest. Aristotle is his usually laid back self, but still annoys me. He’s been resting quite a lot saying he had more exercise than is really helpful to his leg while he was in kennels. Oh he loves it and once in a while our Mistress thinks it probably does him good to try to be a normal dog, but he pays for it. He started his walk for Heidi yesterday but could only manage 1.4km and that took some encouragement from our Mistress. Wilma started hers too and did 2km. She’d have liked to have gone further but our Mistress is not

Wilma having a good shake ahead of her walk

up to long distances yet. She’s hoping they can do a ten mile walk by the weekend.

I shall be going out again at the weekend. Thanks to Alfred Lowe for sponsoring me, I shall head out to try and put in another mile for Heidi. I’m open to more sponsors so do keep the amounts coming. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/walkforheidi

The latest update on the progress of the walk is http://entlebucher.co.uk/club/walk-for-heidi-update-mon-9th-october/

It should be swimming today and to be honest it would probably have done me good, but sadly for me my hydrotherapist is on holiday so I’ll just have to twiddle my paws and wait until next week.

Have a lovely Tuesday


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