Wednesday 11th October 2017 – V.E.T.

It’s a V.E.T. day today! Oh the joys. I can’t bring myself to actually say the whole word in one go. I love our V.E.T. I really do, she’s being wonderful to me over the years, if you discount her odd tendency to squeeze my anal glands every so often, but it doesn’t mean I should look forward to going. Having said that, the biscuits are good and we know which draw to stand by to ask for one. Anyway, I’m going for a blood test to just check how I’m doing, but our Mistress has asked that I have a bit of a medical while I’m there. I know she’s right. The fatty lump on my shoulder has got a lot worse as have the swellings on my thyroids. What is bothering our Mistress though is the pattern to my bad days. If my left eye is red and weepy then it coincides with me having a bad day all round, barking, not being able to settle and being a bit confused. I don’t look at myself in the mirror so I don’t get to see it, but she says it’s a definite pattern. She says it’s as though there is something causing pressure and has asked me to explain how I feel, which is always a difficult one. I just put it all down to old age. Mind you, given I seem to be in better shape than she is I don’t really know why she’s spending time worrying about me. Given how good our V.E.T. is, I did wonder about asking her to give our Mistress a full medical while we were there. Someone needs to sort her out and the doctors don’t seem to be doing such a good job. Perhaps we should switch her onto our diet and general fitness and welfare regime to see if it helps.

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  1. Hi Alfie, we will be thinking of you and have our paws crossed for good news. Love Dickens and the gang XXXXXXX

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