Wednesday 18th October 2017 – Daddy’s Girl

It’s Wilma here again. I really am a bit of a daddy’s girl. Until I moved in Dad loved the other dogs but there were limits. There were times he didn’t want their company and places he didn’t think they should be. Then I arrived and he’s now as soppy as Mum is. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m such a demonstrative dog and have shown I love them both equally, or just a knack I have, but there is nothing I can’t get away with. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t abuse the situation, but I do like to snuggle him at every opportunity and tell him how much I love him and he seems to rather like it. I guess it’s a bit hard on Shadow as she’s supposed to be his dog, but she’s never been one to throw her arms round the people she loves and be quite as emphatic in showing her feelings.

Alfie went for his swim yesterday. He didn’t want to and did try to get out of the pool at the end of the first lap. Mum said that it was as though he then remembered why he was there and happily got on with swimming. He seemed to quite enjoy it after that so we’re hoping it might have done him a bit of good. He and Shadow spent the rest of yesterday winding each other up and drove us all bonkers. Mum says it will be better when the wind dies down, but I’m sure they’ll find another excuse when it does.

Today is a very sad day in our village. It’s the funeral of a very special man that we all loved. He was Mum and Dad’s landlord when they first moved to the village and was great as he was happy for Shadow and Alfie to move in and not many landlords like there being dogs, let alone more than one. Mum says he was a true gentleman and in her eyes he was right up there with the very best. He did so much for our village but never looked for recognition. We’re all going to miss him and I’d like to send extra special thoughts to his dog, who I know will miss him very much and of course to his family, but the humans concentrate on the people side of things and sometimes they all forget how the dog will be feeling.



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