Thursday 19th October 2017 – A better day

Hello everyone, it’s Alfie here. I had a much better day yesterday so thought I’d drop you all a note to say thank you for all the good wishes and helpful suggestions. Our Mistress has a number of plans to try and I must say I do quite like the sound of some of them, so hopefully on my bad days I’ll find them a comfort. It does all rather make me think of Terry Pratchett and his description of his Alzheimer’s as an embuggerance. I have to say I can’t think of a better description. On my bad days I don’t really realise how bad I am, but when I think about it on my good days I really wish it could be different. I’m mortified that I peed on the kitchen floor. I’ve spent my whole life being a very clean dog and I just hate that not being the case.

I’d also like to personally thank those who have sponsored me to walk another mile this weekend. I’m feeling up to it as things stand so hopefully I’ll be off out on Saturday. I think Saturday is also when our Mistress is planning to build me a den. Her idea is that Aristotle can spend time sharing Shadow’s room, so that he’s far enough away from me so I relax. You should have heard what Shadow said on the subject, although in all honesty if you are of a delicate disposition it’s probably better than you didn’t hear! Anyway, then our Mistress is going to move all the boxes in the corner of the office and build me a den under her desk. She’s going to try to find a way to block off the side so that I’m completely enclosed except the side that is right by her. I think that might feel quite cosy and safe, but we’ll have to see. She’s going to prevent any of the others going in it too so that it never smells of anyone but me. I’m going to have a cosy bed in there and some things which smell of our Mistress too. She’s also going to make a den for me in my little sports car in the garage, for the times I need somewhere really calm and quiet. I like that idea as it’s always been my car and has nothing but good memories attached. We’ll see how it all goes. I’ll let you know.

I’d also like to send our very deepest sympathy to the family of one of our long time readers. Sadly their Entlebucher, also called Alfie, died this week. We’re all sending you all the woofs and licks we can at this difficult time.

Anyway, the walk for Heidi sponsorship is up to a total of £1300 so far. We’re still aiming to get to £2000 so if you haven’t yet emptied your piggy bank, now is the time to do it

Have a good day


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  1. So glad you’re feeling better, Alfie – as you say, paws crossed! A den sounds a lovely idea. Hugs xxx

    • Thank you. I hope he’s now playing endless ball and enjoying an eat as much as you like (without getting fat) all day buffet.
      Licks to you all

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