Saturday 21st October 2017 – Only trying to help

Hello everyone, it’s Aristotle here today. You would not believe how ungrateful humans can be. My brother, Dickens was only trying to help bring in the delivery of dog food, but were his humans grateful? No they weren’t. What does a dog have to do in order to be appreciated for his efforts? I think you were doing a great job, Dickens. I would have helped you if I’d been there.

Mind you this end there are certain things a dog does not want to hear. Yesterday, I was told that I smell like my mother! Now, I’m presuming the human in question was not referring to the fact that Shadow often has a bit of a wind problem as on those occasions she really can smell very bad. I’m not sure that I’m overly happy with any interpretation of the comment to be honest. I’ve tried burrowing my nose deep into my fur to see if I can work out what I smell like, but the chances of Shadow letting me get close enough to do that to her are very limited so I’m going to be struggling for a comparison. It has made me want to go around and sniff the others to see how different their smells are. I know our Mistress says we all have a different smell, but she has never compared me with Shadow. To be honest I don’t think she gets close enough to Shadow to sniff her that much, not like she does with Alfie and Wilma anyway.

I’m planning a quiet day today. I’ve absolutely no idea what the humans have in mind, but I was thinking of stretching out and putting my paws up for the weekend. If they’d like to get the log burner going for me then of course that would be a bonus, but I can manage without if they’ve got other plans.

Have a great Saturday


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