Sunday 22nd October 2017 – Alfie did it!

Alfie and Shadow barging each other

Well thankfully Alfie was feeling quite well yesterday so he went out and did his final mile for Heidi. He said he had a lovely time, although with Hurricane Brian or whoever it is, Alfie’s ears were in a bit of a flap. Our Mistress took a video of him too as she said it was so lovely seeing him smile and have a good time. He really enjoyed Shadow’s company on the walk too and they even did the barging into each other thing that Wilma and I so enjoy.

There are only a few days now until Wilma goes down to London to the Swiss Embassy. She’s really excited about it, but I overheard our Mistress expressing some concern about all the things that could go wrong. Honestly, anyone would think we didn’t know how to behave around expensive works of art and really nice places. It’s not as though the five dogs will be playing chase around the corridors of the Embassy – although I might just suggest the idea to Wilma.

You can still sponsor them all HERE – they still need a few hundred pounds to reach their target and it all goes to help Heidi have a better life.

Now I don’t want you to think I’m bringing you the following because I’m overweight myself, I might have a smidgen extra around the middle, but as our Master says that’s just where he bends. I just thought you might be interested in one or two dog weight related facts. Oh we’d overeat if we were allowed to, but our Mistress is way too strict with us for that. She on the other paw… Wilma’s just butted in to say I can’t say anymore about our Mistress’s weight, but I think you know where I was going with it. If there is cake on offer our Mistress will be first in the queue! Anyway, this is supposed to be about dogs, so I’ll leave you with a bit of useful information.

Happy Sunday


You can find short stories to read at

Alfie’s Diary – the Book as well as our other books are available HERE


Dog Obesity in the UK – Facts and Advice courtesy of MedicAnimal


  1. Well done Alfie, so pleased you had a nice walk and helped Heidi too. Put your paws up today you deserve it !!!!! Love Dickens XXXXXX

  2. Well done Alfie. So pleased you enjoyed it. You certainly have done your share to help Heidi. Have a lovely day with your paws up snoozing. A lovely day to you all. Love Gill & Sammi. xxxxx

    • Thank you. I’m quite proud of myself really. I can only snooze until Ikea deliver some cabinets for the office. Then I’m going to need to tell my master what he’s doing wrong. You know how it is!

  3. I’m happy that Alfie enjoyed his walk. Personally I prefer climbing trees. I could climb a very nice oaktree nearby for Heidi if you like.

    I was looking at the interesting pictures of different dogs and asked my mommy (Lena) to explain how big they were and what they should weigh. She looked a little astonished and then pointed out that the message was that dogs should not eat too much and exercise enought and that I could take it as a reminder not to overeat this winter as I appearently did last winter… Then she said that the numbers were a bit funny and that labradors and cockers were not the same size but that they all were bigger than me so what did it matter.

    So I decided to go climb my oaktree and walk a couple of rounds on my domains as execise.

    Best wishes from Sweden

    • Oh Francis you’re right. We’ll let the people at Medicanimal know they have a mistake! Enjoy climbing that tree. I like cocking my legs against trees but I’ve never climbed one.
      Best wishes

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