Monday 23rd October 2017 – Do it yourself!

I do not expect to spend my Sunday helping Mum and Dad build chests of drawers. I went on strike and simply decided to watch. It was a bit uncomfortable as they’d piled all my toys up in my bed and I thought I’d better lie on them than risk them being trodden on or for that matter sworn at.

Aristotle took a very different approach and thought he’d try to help. He may not have quite got the hang of what was required but it wasn’t for want of trying. He sniffed out every piece and tried to tell Dad which bits to put where. I don’t think his assistance was entirely appreciated which did make me feel a whole lot better about going on strike.

There were two cabinets to build one for Mum and one for Dad. Mum ended up with several plasters and quite a bit of blood from putting hers together. At one point she was getting very frustrated. Dad had the good sense to only start his when Mum had finished and chose to ask her questions whenever he got stuck instead of trying to figure out the fifty ‘simple’ steps on the instructions. Mum said that every so often it would really help if they put words against the diagrams even if the words were in Swedish!

Now we just need the shelves to arrive for the new arrangement of the office to be complete. I’m just wondering how many plasters that job will involve seeing as she will have to use a drill as well as a screwdriver for that one! You can tell how enthusiastic Dad is about DIY as he said they’d need a carpenter to do it, but Mum said not to be ridiculous. Of course, she may change her tune when it comes to it!

Happy Monday



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