Wednesday 25th October 2017 – Today’s the Day

Well as Wilma gets ready to head for the Embassy I’m holding the fort here for the day. Yesterday she decided that the best approach to her preparations was to spend the day in bed. I take much the same approach every day but it’s unusual for Wilma. She doesn’t seem to be going down with anything so I think she was just comfortable.

As it was Tuesday, I went swimming. I was in one of those cuddly moods. You know the sort of day when you could just be snuggled all 24 hours without any need to be separate from the cuddle? Anyway, while we were waiting for my swim our Mistress sat on the floor with me and I sat on her knee to get as close as I possibly could. I also really enjoyed being blown dry with the hairdryer at the end. It’s lovely having all that warm air blown into your fur. It really made me smile. I did wonder if our Mistress might like to try it with the hairdryer at home every so often. I could argue that the warm air does me good on medical grounds, but the truth is I just love the way it makes me feel. It’s almost as good as having my bottom scratched and that really is saying something.

One of the hardest things about my canine cognitive dysfunction on my good days is that I tend not to sleep all that well at night. It’s not so bad for me as I just catch up during the day, but our Mistress has explained that having me pacing up and down at the side of the bed is stopping her sleeping. She really doesn’t want me to have to sleep downstairs, but she has said that she may have to do that even if it is only one or two nights in the week as she really needs some sleep. I don’t really know what I can do about it. She’s reading a book about it at the moment but hasn’t got on to the practical advice sections yet. Hopefully she will find some practical suggestions. Setting up my den has been delayed as her first plan didn’t work, she’s trying to find a different way to do it, but that will only help during the daytimes when I have bad days.

Anyway, Wilma will be here tomorrow to tell you all about her trip, so I get a nice long weekend off.

See you soon


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