Thursday 26th October 2017 – A Big Day in the City

With the Swiss Ambassador

What a day I had yesterday. It didn’t get off to a good start when I got a message from Salvo to say he and Izzy had been up all night with gastro-enteritis and wouldn’t be able to come. It was really sad as he’d worked so hard to arrange everything with his human. We missed him. Well I missed him loads as we’re very close and the others did miss him but I don’t think quite so much. Anyway, then Mum and I set off and went for a walk before going for our train. She reminded me of the time we were supposed to get on the train and I waited until the last minute to say I needed the toilet, which meant we missed it. Anyway, I took the hint to make sure I was ready today.

When we got to London we met an old university friend of Mum’s who was going with us to help with the picture we needed to take. Then walked to meet Bella and Sybil. Mum and I did a lot of walking yesterday but it was so worth it. We all walked to the Embassy and then chatted to the Ambassador who was just lovely. We gave him the picture from the Club and pointed out who some of the dogs were in the photos. And we told him all about fund raising for Heidi and what was really nice was to find they had been following some of our progress of the walk so already knew all about it. The staff at the Embassy were so nice. We talked about Switzerland too and I told them where my Mum lives and that I was born there as was Sybil.

I had some lovely chats with Alfie’s girlfriend Bella too and told her all about how he is and

Me tired at the end of the day

she sent him her love which I was so pleased to be able to tell him when we got home.

By the time I got on the train I was worn out and so was Mum. We’d had such a lovely day out together. I wish we could do things like that more often. She said I could tell my Mama in Switzerland that I was perfectly behaved and she couldn’t want for a better dog than I am. Which I was really pleased about. I did manage to lose my tag somewhere and I don’t know how that happened and Mum broke her necklace, but hers is repairable. None of that could spoil what an excellent day it was.

If you want to see the whole map of the walk it’s here

Have a lovely day


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  1. Sounds awesome Wilma, glad you had a lovely day. I expect you will be putting your paws up today for a well earned rest. Happy Thursday to you all. xxxx

    • Thank you. I’m taking the day off mostly to put my paws up, but with some mad zooms in between!

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