Friday 27th October 2017 – Aristotle’s Friday Flashback

Aristotle’s Friday Flashback doesn’t have the same ring to it as Wilma’s but she wanted the day off so here I am. I wasn’t that surprised she was tired when I saw how far she’d walked on Wednesday. It wasn’t just the distance she said, but it was SO busy. When you live in a village with eighty houses that number of people are quite hard to imagine. Anyway, I couldn’t have coped with all the pavements never mind the noise.

2011 – this is from when I was little and is about me so I thought I’d share it!

What is funny is that my Mistress is trying to get them to toilet on newspaper rather than the vet bed – she is fed up of the amount of washing. They have got used to using one particular area so in that area she has put newspaper instead of vet bed. So they can tell the difference she has used the Financial Times which is printed on a pinky coloured newsprint rather than white. I just think we are going to end up with highly educated puppies who understand the financial markets and don’t know where to go to the toilet!

Adrienne and Aristotle

Adrienne was back to being the smallest yesterday. She was only just behind her best friend Aristotle. They really are lovely together. They have very similar dogalities. They are both quiet and calm and don’t take part in the rougher play. They are both very loving and like nothing more than to snuggle up to my Mistress when I let her. I don’t feel as threatened by Adrienne as I do by Aristotle.

I’m one of those highly educated puppies, but I do actually know where to go to the toilet too!

Then I found this from when Alfie was much younger and it made me smile. It’s easy to forget he’s been through all the same things the rest of us have had to face but just did it before us:


What I didn’t tell you about my trip to the vet was that the lady took my temperature. I sat with my mouth open wide ready for the thermometer and got a bit of a shock as she stuck it somewhere else. Was that really necessary? Did she think I wouldn’t cooperate? What about my rights? I have been violated. After all that, my temperature was normal. You would think it should have been at least a little bit odd to justify such action. At least the tablets I was given aren’t too bad, once my mistress had realised I wasn’t going to swallow them whole and broke them up and put them in my bowl. On a personal note the vet has told me I am a little overweight. In itself that didn’t seem too bad. It was when I got home that I realised the implications, my food ration has been cut and I have been made to cut out junk food. No more crisps or Frosties for me it seems. Hopefully, when I lose half a kilo some of the treats will come back.

Anyway, I’m going to saunter round the garden and see if there is any mischief waiting for me. Have a lovely Friday


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