Friday 3rd November 2017 – Wilma’s Friday Flashback

Me and Dad having a moment

Hello everyone, it’s me again. It’s such fun going back through the archives, I missed out last week with Aristotle doing it for me. Anyway, before I get on to that I have decided I love this time of year more than any other. Firstly, there is mud everywhere and it’s perfect. I can squelch it through my toes and splash it everywhere. I can eat it, drink it and roll in it. All in all, it’s perfect. What’s more, because the weather is cooler I get more walks. Shadow comes and sits in the car while I go round the walk we like and then when I get back Mum collects Shadow and we go round again, so I get to go twice as far. I just love it. Shadow doesn’t mind sharing her walk and is happy for me to be out in front, so everyone is happy.

Anyway, back to the archive:

2006 – Alfie talks about Carbon Offset

I have been thinking about global warming. Obviously as a dog there are a lot of things I don’t understand and being not quite a year old doesn’t give me many other years to compare the weather with. It all started when I was listening to someone on the radio talking about carbon dioxide offset. Apparently some very nice people have set themselves up to help me have less of an adverse impact on the environment. If I go on a flight I can voluntarily give them some money and they will allocate me a tree to compensate for all my pollution. There is the problem, ‘allocate’. I don’t want a tree that another dog has already peed on. I want them to plant me a whole new tree of my own that I can christen and visit at times of my choosing. Now don’t get me wrong, if I do visit I will of course have another tree allocated to me to cover the pollution caused by the first visit, but it is important to feel I have added a tree and not simply given them some money to maintain the status quo. They even give me a nice little calculator to work out how much pollution I create but how do they know whether my plane is full and how much my luggage weighs? They tell me the tree will not be felled for 99 years but what if it blows down? I live by a forest and there are always trees falling down. I wonder if my forest has been ‘allocated’ or whether I can save the middle man and claim that my journeys are already being offset?

November 2008 – should police dogs carry guns?

On a separate and probably more important note, should police dogs carry guns? It’s an important consideration. You see police men and women going into difficult situations carrying guns as a protective measure. However, police dogs get sent into difficult situations without any means of protection, no gun, no bullet proof vest, not even a truncheon or hand cuffs. It can’t be right that our lives are treated with such blatant disregard.

Anyway, that’s all for now

Have a lovely day


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