Wednesday 8th November 2017 – I fit!

My cosy new den

I tried my new den out and I can get in and out without any difficulty. That was enough for our Mistress to go out and buy my birthday presents and they are soooo lovely. I have a plain sort purple blanket that has been wrapped round the outside of the crate on the sides which are not right by our Mistress. It makes it quite dark, but I think I’m going to like that. I’ve got a big soft cushion which goes in the bottom for me to lie down on and the softest most cuddly blanket you can imagine. It really is the most wonderful cosy place. I’ve not tried it out for real yet, but our Mistress says I really don’t have to wait for my birthday to have my presents I can have them now. I know that is only a few days early but I’m still happy not to have to wait. I shall be trying it out for real today before having to use it for an hour or two tomorrow. I think it’s going to be much better for me.

Yesterday Shadow barked all day! I think she could hear something some distance away that was disturbing her. My hearing isn’t what it was so I could only react to her barking. Our poor Mistress was beside herself. Shadow can be very persistent in her barking when she chooses to be.

Wilma feeling sorry for herself

Poor old Wilma has got poorly eyes again. She suffers from allergies and I think it might be dust related. She has been rubbing them for a few days but they got to the point where our Mistress took her to the vet. Because Wilma hates eye drops she has a short course of tablets and we’re hoping that will sort it out. Eye drops would have been better, but Wilma simply won’t cooperate and once she knows what’s coming she can be very smart at finding ways to avoid them. At least this way she will get the medication into her system. Our Mistress is washing all her bedding so it’s nice and clean too.

Have a great Wednesday


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  1. Wow, Alfie I love your new den. My Mum bought me a new bed yesterday too! It is for my birthday as well. She said I could have it early and I love it. It goes in my sleeping crate which I use at night and also during the day if I want 40winks and to get away from the hustle and bustle in the house. I do not always like the programmes they choose on the TV so opt out and snooze. I have had a lovely walk this morning. Just the weather I like chilly but bright. I have been round the fields and met some mates. Then I had to practice some Obedience exercises. I’m off for a rest now. Hope Wilma`s eyes are improving. Love to everyone Dickens XXXXXXX

    • Thank you. Mine is still a bit bouncy at the moment. I’ve got to get the hang of not bouncy off it. I’ll get it sorted soon, a bit of digging will soon have it in order. Ari is just off to enjoy the sunshine, but he says his legs are playing up so he may not want to go far.

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