Wednesday 15th November 2017 – A big day. A VERY BIG DAY

Oh it’s not that big a day for me. My job is to be a good boy and keep out of the way. In reality to do that effectively I’m nipping to stay overnight with my friends in kennels. Anyway, while I’m away our Mistress will be having her first every bookshop book launch. We are all very excited and she is very terrified! She said she had a nightmare the other night in which there were lots of people there and then before she started she went to find the toilet and when she got back everyone had gone! I did offer to go with her so she could have some reassurance and cuddle me if she needed to, but I was extremely glad when she declined. To be honest the only one of us who would really be good in that situation would be Wilma. This is a book that she wrote without my help. She hasn’t even acknowledged me in the credits, which I think is a bit mean as I’m always here for her to talk things through.

I won’t even get to see my grandparents when they come as I shan’t be back until they’ve gone again. I’ve left Grandpa’s birthday present ready for him later in the week and there is probably some dog hair around for them to remember me by. Wilma has promised to pass on my love. She and Shadow are staying at home to help out. Ari is coming with me. I’m not sure which of us is supposed to be taking care of the other one. I still think of him as a puppy even if he is now six.

If you can’t go to the book launch and want to know more about the book then the interview she did on YO1 Radio in York is on her website HERE

Have a lovely day


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  1. Good Luck to your mistress. I hope all goes well for her today. Unfortunately I’m too far away to be able to go but I did hear the interview which I enjoyed. You enjoy yourself with your friends Alfie. xxxx

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