Thursday 16th November 2017 – I’m just the dog

The downside of being in kennels is that I’m not at home to know how the book launch went. She could have rung me when she got back, but I suppose it was probably after our bedtime. So at this stage you’ve got as much idea as I have or possibly more. Being in kennels is all very well but you really get to see a dog’s more annoying habits when you are in close proximity with him for a while and believe me, Aristotle has some very annoying habits.

On a completely different note we made an amazing discovery at home a couple of days ago. Andrew left the television on in Shadow’s room when he went out. Now, you’d think that was a bad thing, but as it turns out it was the best thing he could have done. It turns out that Shadow rather likes having the television on and doesn’t fuss about noises outside nearly so much when she is watching it. How can it have taken us over eight and half years to discover that? We have not found out which channel she prefers yet, so far she has enjoyed watching repeat episodes of Friends but equally seems to like the breakfast show and general daytime programmes. I just know she’s going to be telling us what has been on the Jeremy Kyle Show or Oprah or whatever the latest one is. As a single mother dog who has had puppies to four different fathers I can’t help but think those sorts of shows might rather appeal to her. Ah well, I guess I’m the one who got a tattoo at a young age so I probably can’t comment. And to be fair to Shadow she must have done quite a good job as I don’t think any of her puppies became delinquents.

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