Sunday 19th November 2017 – Christmas Jumpers

For the first fifty years of her life our Mistress did not own a Christmas jumper. She did not feel the need to own a Christmas jumper. Whilst I would hesitate to say she was normal, she was at least the right side of the sane divide when it came to Christmas jumpers. Now she has crossed the line. Last year she found a jumper she liked but was too late to get it in her size. She did eventually get one but it didn’t light up and was her second choice. This year she is a woman on a mission. Now, bearing in mind she doesn’t actually like shopping, she has been going from store to store in search of Christmas jumpers that take her fancy. So far she has added three to last year’s one, including one that lights up, and whilst she has told our Master that she now has all the jumpers she needs I don’t think she was totally convincing when she said it. I saw the glint in her eye and that looked to me like a woman with more shops to visit. She has also bought a rather jolly Santa hat. Now her main question is how soon is it acceptable to start wearing them.

I’m a dog who always likes to see the positives and there is one in all this, trust me. It seems to have taken her mind off the idea of finding Christmas outfits for the rest of us. Christmas jumpers for dogs don’t always come in big enough sizes and whilst Wilma has one that just about fits her, we boys are so far spared that indignity and long may it continue. I’m just glad that she’s still knitting the Aran jumper she started two years ago and doesn’t have any ideas of knitting ones for us that would actually fit.

Anyway, have a great Sunday


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