Thursday 23rd November 2017 – Gotcha

Me and my new puppy

Today we are celebrating all things Wilma. It is exactly two years since I first met the little girl who was going to be my very own puppy and keep me smiling in my old age. I’ve not found being around other dogs very easy the last couple of years, but Wilma is different she is one special little girl and I’m always happy to see her. She takes care of me and snuggles up when I need a bit of comfort. She never gets cross with me and always understands when I’m finding things difficult. I’ve even coped with how close she and our Mistress are. They have a special bond that I don’t feel threatened by at all. It’s nice, because I know there is a dog to do all the things with our Mistress that I don’t want to do anymore and the things I never liked doing in the first place.

Although she’s really an adult now, Wilma still behaves like a puppy and throws herself

Wilma and Alfie Dec 2015

into everything without a care in the world. When I say throws herself into things that includes closed doors and all sorts. She forgets to wait for the door to be opened but seems to bounce off unharmed. She can vault dog gates as though she is simply doing hurdling practice. Is enthusiastic at every meal time and would eat everyone else’s food as well as her own. She has a carefree abandon which can only make all those around her smile and it is impossible for anyone to ever get annoyed with her – even when she does something that if it

My naughty puppy today

were anyone else would be very annoying. All in all she is the perfect puppy and I couldn’t want a better pal to share my life with.

Thank you for being my puppy, Wilma

Love from your Alfie

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