Sunday 26th November 2017 – It’s Official

Now that Christmas is less than a month away our Mistress has decided she can get into the full swing of things. She spent yesterday selling books at the Ripon Cathedral Christmas Market and for the first time wore one of her jumpers with flashing lights. On this particular jumper you can’t actually turn the lights off and by the end of the day she was finding it pretty annoying. I suspect that she won’t be wearing that one all that often – at least not until the battery dies! Alfie was really pleased as a number of his books sold to people as Christmas presents. He was sorry he wasn’t there to sign them in person but he has given our Mistress delegated permission to sign them for him.

Anyway, she got the Christmas decorations out of the cupboard in order to put some on the stall and now she thinks it’s ok to start putting them up around the house. I’m sure she’ll get bored with it soon but in the meantime we’ll just humour her. The tree won’t arrive until at least next weekend so there is a little respite until we have to help with that.

She left us in charge of our Master for the day while she was out yesterday. To be fair we all looked after him pretty well and he was still in one piece when she came home to check on things.

Because of my legs, I don’t often go for a walk with the girls. However, on Friday we all went out together and to be honest it was awesome. We all egged each other on to misbehave and with the mud it nearly led to a disaster or two with pulling the humans along as though they were skiing. Then we met a small terrier out for a walk and we’d got the situation sorted. Shadow took the left flank, Wilma was on the right and I was heading us up in a V formation. The terrier looked quite alarmed which made the whole thing all the more fun, until our humans made us wait quietly at the side so he couple get past. Sometimes they really are no fun at all.

Happy Sunday


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