Monday 27th November 2017 – An exciting week

Happy Monday everyone, it’s Wilma here. I had another lovely walk with Aristotle yesterday. Mum said she wondered how many years it would be before I am as calm as he is. I was relieved when she said he was four before he stopped being a puppy. It means I’ve got plenty of time yet. There was one really funny moment where I was the only one who’d spotted the pheasant and was almost into the field before I was pulled back. I was within centimetres of his tail feathers. I seem to get closer every time. I’m guessing I should be able to bring one home in another month or two at this rate.

Anyway, I’ve got to be good as on Thursday I am off to London on the train again. Mum is taking me to meet some of the other top pet bloggers so we can discuss the sorts of things we write about. We are all going for a walk in Regent’s Park and then to the pub afterwards. I think Mum is hoping that after a train journey and a walk I’ll be well behaved in the pub. I know I really shouldn’t embarrass her, but sometimes that’s what puppies are for.

Yesterday Mum and Dad went to see the new Paddington film. I was disappointed because I wanted to go. Mum has promised to buy me the DVD so we can watch it together. She said that Paddington looked very like Aristotle some of the time and they call him ‘Bear’ as a nickname’. Ari hasn’t moved on to the marmalade sandwiches yet but I think it is only because Mum keeps the marmalade out of reach. That’s not so much because she doesn’t think we should have it exactly, more that she wants to make sure there is plenty left for her.

Anyway, have a great Monday


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