Tuesday 28th November 2017 – No swimming

I’m twiddling my paws today because swimming has been cancelled. It’s funny, I never thought I’d say this but I miss it. Ah well, I’ll be back there next week. In the meantime, I’m having a bit of a hair loss issue. It’s not something I like to talk about as I’m worrying I’m going to end up with some bald patches. Our Mistress says that worrying will only make matters worse and when she next goes into the vet she is going to ask if it may be related to my medication. It started with what seemed like a normal shed and just carried on. It’s been more like the way Shadow used to lose her coat in handfuls before her season started, but it’s been going on for several weeks now and I’m definitely not coming into season. Maybe I’m going through the male menopause, but it seems a bit late for that I should have had a mid-life crisis long ago. Besides in dogs I suppose it would be the menopaws!

Our Mistress won’t stop talking about Paddington. It seems that she is not content with the number of non-humans in the house and wants to adopt a bear too. I’m happy as long as it is either an additional family member or in place of Aristotle or Shadow. I couldn’t possibly consider swapping Wilma even for something as cute as a real bear. Funnily enough our Master, despite enjoying the film, is simply rolling his eyes at her. I guess he has known her for a long time. You can tell how old they are when our Mistress comes out with things like she grew up reading the original Paddington books long before it was even on television never mind at the cinema. I find that long ago quite hard to imagine!

Have a great Tuesday


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