Friday 1st December 2017 – Not Happy

Hello everyone, it’s Wilma here. I’m usually a very happy dog, but I was disappointed yesterday. Even having got up really early we didn’t actually go. I was ready at 5.15am but then Mum checked on her computer and some of the other dogs had cancelled so there weren’t going to be very many of us. She sat me down and explained it was a very long way to go if there wasn’t going to be anyone there and even though she was looking forward to a day out with me, it really didn’t make any sense. I did understand but I was still really sad. We had a nice day at home instead but it wasn’t nearly so exciting. Anyway, it’s Friday Flashback time so I’m going to delve back into the archives to cheer myself up.


Now I know I said our usual birds seem to have absented themselves from the garden, but there now seem to be one or two that I haven’t seen around here before. There are some big ones that look as though they don’t really belong in a household garden and are disproportionately large for the bird table. Now don’t get me wrong, if they want to knock the bird food onto the floor for me to eat that is fine, but the problem comes when I want to go out and eat it and they just stand their ground and look at me as though I am the one that is out of place. Apparently they are crows and they felt a bit peckish in the bad weather, but I don’t see why they should pick our garden to monopolise. You would think three dogs would be enough to put them off.


Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth

Aristotle has asked if my Mistress would consider agreeing a compromise on the toilet training. If he promises to use the puppy mat would she give up on the idea of him having to go outside in the cold? Well I just laughed. “I tried that one six years ago, Sunshine,” I said. I went on to point out that the tree that is being brought into the house in the next week or two should NEVER be considered as an alternative to going outside either. That one doesn’t go down well. At least he won’t be at the age where he can cock his leg up it.

Yesterday he did the cutest thing. Even I was impressed. He’d had his bowl taken away as he had apparently finished eating. The bowl had been put on the chest of drawers, still in view. A little later he went and sat in front of the chest of drawers staring at his bowl and gently crying. He was feeling peckish and wanted to have a little of what he had left. How could anyone resist such adorable behaviour? I almost had to pinch myself to remind myself that he is my rival in my Mistress’s affections and I shouldn’t succumb to his charms too easily.

Well that’s all from me today. Looking back has cheered me up.

Have a great Friday


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