Sunday 3rd December 2017 – It’s a hard life

“I need a photo of all your strategy games for the book, Aristotle. Please can you get them all out?” Well, who am I to argue with an offer like that. It made me realise I hadn’t played with them for ages when one of them needed new batteries. I convinced our Mistress that just a photo would not be enough and I’d have to test them while they were out to make sure they all still worked. Now, I don’t know how familiar you are with dog games, but they have treats hidden for me to find. That meant quite a few treats which was all rather good as far as I was concerned. It certainly brightened up a dull Saturday afternoon. I even pretended I’d forgotten how to do it to get our Mistress to lift up the pieces and show me where the treats were. She fell for it every time.

Today is the annual bringing the garden indoors day. More to the point, a tree will miraculously appear in the hall of the house and we have to remember that it is not there for our convenience, but to look pretty. I think it would probably look prettier continuing to grow outside. Our Mistress pointed out that she did try that last year, but that that particular tree was completely dead by June. It’s a good job she’s better at feeding us and taking care of our needs than she is the plants!

I’m just hoping she doesn’t get it into her head that’s it’s time to make us all put our Santa hats on again and have our photo taken in front of the tree. I’m just going to point out that she could get last year’s photos out and save us the bother this year.

Have a happy Sunday


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