Monday 4th December 2017 – A happy Mistress

Well, our Mistress is easily pleased and as a result is currently beside herself with delight. I don’t know which she is happier about, getting the outdoor lights up in the garden so there are lots of little twinkly things everywhere, getting the Christmas tree or her electronic advent calendar. The calendar was sent to her by Soggeli (Torfheide Annette), Ari’s full sister. It’s an Alpine one and has lots of nice little Swiss touches. The thing which has got her most excited so far is the ‘decorate your own Christmas tree’ on the first day of December. As you can see, she has done just that and now has lots of little Entlebucher decorations and baubles and a few cow bells for good measure. She says she would like her real tree to look just like it but sadly that’s not going to happen just yet.

The calendar is having a profound effect and even had her looking at whether there was any possibility of our local supermarket stocking Raclette cheese or even Fondue for that matter. She’s decided to go and see the cheese man on the market on Friday to see if he has any. I’m quite happy with the proposal as I’m rather hoping there might be some for me.

Our Master is equally happy with his Advent calendar, but his is just a little bit different. Behind each door of the calendar is a small bottle of wine. It should definitely keep him entertained for the next few weeks.

We have an Advent candle too – it’s just that it’s last year’s! In her enthusiasm to get one that would burn for quite a while each day last year, our Mistress only managed to burn it as far as the 14th December by the end of the month. She’s reckoning if she starts now she might just get to the end of it this year!

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