Wednesday 6th December 2017 – Shhhhhh

It’s Wilma here and I’m tiptoeing around the house as Alfie is poorly. He was so miserable yesterday and every time he moved too quickly it hurt. He has an infection behind his eye the vet thinks. He’s got a very painful eye and swollen gland in his neck and seems to have a bad headache too. Apparently, the pressure in his eye is a bit high too so he has to go back again tomorrow to have that checked again. Mum says she needs to see how he is today before she decides whether she can take me to the dog show I’m supposed to be in on Saturday. She won’t go and leave him if he isn’t well. I know I was looking forward to some more time away just Mum and me but I’m glad she always puts any of us first if we’re ill. One day it might be me who needs it.

Yesterday it meant Alfie didn’t go swimming, even through he’d been looking forward to it. Instead Shadow went and came back saying she had a fantastic time. Mum said she was really doing well and is a natural swimmer. She dived in a couple of times but after that got in a bit more gently. What was funny was how much further up the ramp she needed to stand when she wanted a rest out of the water, because her legs are so much shorter than the boys’ legs are. Even Mum said how much fun they’d had. It made me want to have a turn to see what I thought.

Mum’s got some news boots – they are weird. She tells me they are cow hide but I’ve never seen a cow who looks like that. I really don’t think I’m supposed to want to herd them but it is tempting!

Have a great Wednesday. I’m going to see if Alfie wants anything.



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  1. So sorry to hear Alfie is poorly. I hope he is feeling better soon. Look after him Wilma. Sending him lots of cuddles and Sammi sends lots of licks. xxxxxxx

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