Friday 8th December 2017- Wilma’s Friday Flashback

My bags are packed to go to kennels for the weekend and I’m really quite excited. I know I’m always excited, but the thought of a whole weekend to play is quite a fun thought. Oh I’ll miss getting into bed, but it’s only for a couple of days.

Alfie is still improving, but in need of some tlc this weekend. We just have to hope the abscess doesn’t come back now. Now to delve into the archive:

Oh this is about Shadow’s second litter in 2012

Puppy mush seems to be the latest fashion accessory with all puppies and my Mistress wearing it in liberal quantities. All five of them have the chance to try a little at each of their daytime feeds. Some eat it, some walk in it and on one unfortunate occasion Beethoven sat in it and got a bit of a surprise.

What is really funny is that now there is a little more time away from the puppies you’d think that my Mistress would be please and happily getting on with other things. However, you’d be wrong. I found her watching them on the puppy cam even though she was sat at her desk and having a break. I think she’s addicted. She’s going to miss them when they go to their homes.

Then I looked back to when it was just Alfie in 2008

I would like to receive interesting post. Letters such as ‘Dear Alfie, we think you’re wonderful’, not ‘Dear Alfie, your worming treatment is due.’ That sits along with things like ‘your account is overdue’. It isn’t just the message it gives it’s the insinuation you’ve been doing something wrong. They only think I need to be wormed because they are suggesting I have been foraging around for food wherever I can find it, including dead animals with worms. What kind of dog do they think I am? Admittedly, I do a little foraging now and again, but never dead things, not unless they’ve been thoroughly cooked and had a light white wine sauce applied first. I have my standards.

Well that’s all for me today. Have a lovely Friday


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  1. Hello Wilma, we are pleased to hear that Alfie is getting better. I hope you have a lovely weekend. I am not sure what the plans will be for me. My Mum dropped the torch on her foot (accidently) yesterday and she was in agony. It is a heavy one with a metal case. It hit the bone on the foot and it had to be the one I broke when I ran into her as a puppy. It was very swollen and painful and Dad had to walk me in the afternoon. I hope it is soon better as I like being in the woods with Mum. Love to you all Dickens and the gang XXXXXX

    • Oh no Dickens – we do hope your mum is better soon, that sounds very painful. Mum often tells us about how you broke your Mum’s leg as a warning to us not to do it to her.
      Have a lovely weekend whatever you are able to do. Tell your Mum you can always be a hot water bottle for her to easy the pain.

  2. Have a lovely weekend Wilma and Ari. Lots of cuddles to Alfie from me and lots of licks to him from Sammi. Happy weekend to Shadow too. xxxxx

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