Monday 11th December 2017 – Did you miss me?

Oh, I know I was only away for the weekend, but I’d still like to think you missed me a little bit. Mum said she missed me – that was right up to the point I jumped all over her when she picked me up and scratched her hands. She should have learnt to wear body armour to collect us by now. She says it’s much easier to collect Alfie and Ari as Alfie waits patiently for his harness rather than playing leapfrog over her while she’s bending down to put Ari’s harness on. I can’t see the problem I was just having a bit of fun.

I do have an important job to do this morning. The really odd thing is that it’s something I normally get told not to do. It just shows you really can’t get it right with humans. I have to jump. The problem is that even though normally I spend all my time jumping, jumping on command is much harder to do. I have to get the timing just right so that I can be captured on film while I’m doing it. Now, here’s the thing. I’ve heard Mum and Dad making preparations for this and I know that the plan is to hold a biscuit out at high level so that I jump for the biscuit while the other one takes my photo doing it. If I can just make sure each time I twist a bit as I jump so that I’m not properly in focus I could get quite a few biscuits out of this before they start to realise it’s deliberate. Mum needs the picture for the book so I know she’ll persevere for a little while to get just the right picture. I’m wondering if she’ll believe me if I flop down and say it’s no use, I can’t possibly do any more unless there is some steak to jump for.

Well, I hope your Monday is as much fun as I plan to make mine

Love Wilma

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  1. Welcome back Wilma. Yes I missed you and Aristotle. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Sammi approved of your plan for getting more treats. She say she hopes it worked.

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