Tuesday 12th December 2017 – I used to be able to do that

Wilma has obliged with a photo to show how we can jump. I have to say it made me think of my own puppyhood when I could jump. Now it’s as much as I can do to lift one leg off the ground, and even then I sometimes topple over; which is embarrassing when I do it part way through peeing. I do try to pretend I’m in control, but sometimes there is no convincing anyone of that. Anyway, Wilma is still young and fit and can happily get all four paws not only off the ground at the same time but some distance into the air. She managed to secure several of our nice fish treats in the process, the first one of which was when our Master had a momentary pause in concentration and she took it before he knew what was happening.

We still haven’t had any snow, which is a huge disappointment to us. It seems just about everyone else in the country has had some but we have missed it. We have plenty of cold, some frost, a car battery that has given up, but no snow. It was funny when our Mistress’s car decided it needed a new battery yesterday. Shadow just looked at her and said, ‘Do you remember the last time this happened?’ Well of course, our Mistress did remember. It was three years ago in Switzerland when her car wouldn’t start at very cold temperatures and they had to call out the rescue services. Mind you, it was so cold then that Shadow didn’t even want to put her paws on the ground. That led to them both starting to reminisce about their Christmas is Switzerland. You would think from how fondly they were talking that nothing had gone wrong on that trip, but of course, we know differently! Still it all worked out all right in the end.

Have a great Tuesday


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