Monday 18th December 2017 – Away in an alley

Hello everyone, it’s Wilma here and I’m having one more attempt at a dog Christmas carol. I’m being a bit more serious today and giving you something to think about.

Away in an alley, not snuggled in bed,
the poor little puppy, lay down his sweet head.
No human to love him, no treats in his bowl,
that poor little puppy, a lonely, sad soul.

The night owls are screeching, the puppy awakes,
and hides in a corner and whimpers and shakes.
Along comes a person and looks on the sight,
the sad tiny puppy alone in the night.
She scoops up the puppy and holds him close by,
and strokes his small head til he lets out a sigh.
She bathes him and brushes him, makes sure he’s fed,
then kisses him gently and tucks him in bed.

Our dear little puppy has found a new home,
with love, warmth and comfort, no more on his own.
And so please this Christmas, give help if you can,
to all those in need, be they puppy or man.

I know our Vet has a box for donations of dog food to help feed the dogs of families who need help from food banks this Christmas and there is also collecting going on at Pets at Home for dogs in need at Christmas. Wherever you are, please spare a bag of your treats or ask your human to help in some way to help those dogs less fortunate than you are. I know most of us around here are pretty spoiled, but there are lots of dogs who aren’t and if you can do something to help them that would be lovely.
Have a really good Monday


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