Wednesday 20th December 2017 – Swimming was hard work

It seems that my being ill has taken it out of me even more than I’d realised. I did enjoy swimming and wanted to do a few lengths, but they really were the slowest lengths I’ve ever swum and I needed quite long rests between them. I was absolutely exhausted by the end of it. Not so exhausted that it stopped me barking and whining quite a bit in the afternoon, but exhausted enough to realise I’m not at full fitness. The scary bit at my age is wondering if you’ll ever be fit again or whether this is it now and all I can expect.

Our Mistress was happy when her new phone arrived, but rather less so when she spent several hours trying to get it all up and running. What is it with humans? If you’d just learn to shout as loudly as we can you could probably make do without a phone at all. Although, I am repeatedly being told that maybe it would be better if I didn’t shout so loudly as humans don’t always appreciate it.

Today I shall be mostly twiddling my paws and resting. I do have a vet visit, but other than that I’m free all day. Wilma on the other paw has gone out for coffee! Yes, really. It turns out that the coffee shop our Mistress is going to allows dogs to go too so Wilma has gone for a girls’ coffee. Shadow is not too thrilled to be left out and pointed out she was a girl too. Our Mistress’s response was that Shadow is quite bouncy enough without adding any coffee to the mix! I might try to cheer her up by suggesting we could sit down together and write our letters to Santa Paws. I know I may be leaving it a little late, but it’s always so hard to know what to ask for. He didn’t manage world peace when I asked for it last year, so I thought I might set my sights a little lower this year.

Have a good Wednesday


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  1. Hello Alfie, hope you got on OK at the Vets. I have been thinking about an idea for a new book you could write. Well, you would be more the co-ordinator and Editor. We have really enjoyed all the Carols you and your family have been writing and wondered if you added a few more in the coming months you could release a Carols for Dogs book next Christmas. What do you think? in the mean time you would have to put a copyright on the ones you have already done. Let me know. Christmas is a manic time here. There are only two humans but they are in and out all day. I have a job keeping tabs on them. As long as I get my walks I am happy. Love Dickens X

    • Oh dear, I don’t know what our Mistress will say if I give her another book to write. She really wants to get on with the next of her novels. She’s nearly finished the Entlebucher Book then she says we’ve got to leave her alone to get on with her work for a time. I’m sure she doesn’t mean it though!
      Love Alfie

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