Thursday 21st December 2017 – Fur coats

Now, having a fur coat in winter is normally seen as a good thing. When it’s cold outside, we have a big advantage over humans as we come already with a thick winter coat attached. However, our Master has been practicing his log-fire making skills and he’s getting pretty good at it. Whilst he is still sitting wearing a jumper, our Mistress is down to a sleeveless tee shirt and we’re all lying by the back door to get a draft. Our Mistress is opening windows when he isn’t looking but even then the office got up to 27 degrees yesterday afternoon. On the plus side our Mistress says it may help her to lose weight if she can just sweat it out. I’m thinking of offering to lend him the spare bits of my coat and see if he could stop putting logs on the fire for a while.

It really all started with our Mistress saying that when the log store is empty she plans to move it to a spot nearer the back door. Everyone seems to think that’s a good idea, and the men of house have taken on the challenge of getting through the existing pile of logs so it can be moved. At this rate it is not going to be long!

Wilma is now very excited as our Master has to go out to Switzerland again early in the new year. She has asked if she can go too, but that may not be possible just now. Our Mistress has promised she can go on a visit as soon as it is practical to take her. In my head I’d quite like to go, but I know when it comes down to it I would not want to do it. Our Mistress can still remember the last time I went abroad and it was all a bit too stressful for me. Ah well, I’ll just sit by the fireside and dream – if only I can open a few more windows to make it tolerable!

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