Friday 22nd December 2017 – Wilma’s Friday Flashback and Some Fun Movies

Ok. Let’s start with a Christmas flashback but you really have to see the movies that are after it.

I know I usually give you a little from at least two different years, but I just loved Alfie’s entry from 2006 when he was just a year old:

‘Handsome, rugged and playful young dog. GSOH, enjoys travel, writing and politics, seeks fun loving bitch for possible long-term relationship.’ I thought I would leave out the bit about being castrated, it might put some of the girls off replying to me. Now all I have to work out is where the best place to put the advert is. I could either put it on the internet or maybe in a magazine. I don’t know if either Horse & Hounds or Dogs Today run personal ads. The problem would come if things go well and she wants to move in together. I am certainly not leaving my mistress and I don’t know whether she would let me have another dog come and live here. In the short term, I suppose the bigger problem is the fact that I live in Belgium and I am advertising in English. I will just have to wait and see.

We have done the ‘this is where I played football as a child’ walk again this morning. Do you think my mistress has reached the age where you forget what you have told people and so you start repeating yourself or do you think she thinks I wasn’t listening the first time? Yes, it’s a field and yes it is very muddy. What else is there to see? It doesn’t even have any goal-posts. Apparently, they used to use coats, but you really wouldn’t want to put a coat down in this mud, your mum would kill you when you got home. So now I have turned in for a nap and my mistress is wrapping Christmas presents. I hear the occasional obscenity being muttered when she loses the end of the sticky tape but otherwise she is behaving. She has lots still to wrap so I am guessing we aren’t going anywhere very exciting in the near future.

Anyway, this is fun too. As you are starting to think about putting your paws up for Christmas, here is something that might just help you on your way. Our friends over at have put together a list of all the top movies that feature dogs. There are lots here that neither our Mum nor I have watched so I’m going to see if she might order one or two for us to snuggle up and watch together. We’d love to hear which ones are your favourites so we can get those ones to watch.

Have a great weekend

Love Wilma

82 Heartwarming Christmas Dog Movies [Infographic]

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