Saturday 23rd December – Mother Daughter Time

When I wished you a good weekend yesterday I’d forgotten that Alfie and Ari are taking Christmas off and I’m doing the diary for a few days. I think it’s one of those ‘last one in gets to work Christmas’ things. I don’t mind, I enjoy telling you about what’s going on. Besides that, I have got some Mum / Daughter time this weekend so I’m a happy girl. I love it when I get Mum’s undivided attention. Today we’ll be wrapping presents together and then I have to remind Mum to collect the turkey. We don’t have to go very far to get that as the butcher is only a few doors down the road. It’s just that we need to remember. I know I’ve remembered at the moment, but the shop isn’t open right now so it doesn’t count.

Mum took the obligatory Christmas tree photo with me yesterday. Our tree is too big to get the whole of it and me into the shot, but you get the general idea. It’s the school holidays now, so I’m not supposed to be getting up quite so early. That’s all very well, but my tummy still says it’s time for breakfast at the same time so I have to wake Mum so she can get my food out. I’ve suggested we could just go back to bed afterwards, but she’s one of these people who once she’s up won’t go back to bed. I can sort of understand it as she hasn’t finished all the work she was supposed to get done, but I’d much rather she just didn’t bother so she could spend all the time with me.

I do hope Santa Paws won’t have forgotten me. I’ve (mostly) been a good girl this year. I couldn’t really put my paw on my heart and say I’ve been completely good, but I’ve tried and I think that’s the main thing. I think Santa will have forgiven the odd little lapse. I’m still a puppy, at least in my head I am!

Have a lovely Saturday


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